VasQ - Laminate

A revolution in AV fistula care

VasQ™ was designed to improve maturation and patency rates of AV fistulas.
the VasQ™ provides external support thereby addressing the root causes of fistula failure:

  • Regulates flow by constraining and shaping optimal geometrical parameters of the fistula
  • Reinforces and shields the vulnerable perianastomotic vein against high pressure, wall tension and flow levels

No change to current surgical paradigms

Designed for implantation during fistula placement, VasQ™ can easily be incorporated into the current procedure.

The anastomosis is constructed in a routine manner without any intervention or interference.

The placement of the VasQ™ around the anastomosis is quick and does not prolong procedure duration.

There is no contact of the VasQ™ with the blood circulation and no suturing to the blood vessel.

Treating the root cause of fistula failure

VasQ™ targets vessel segments which are immediately proximal and distal to the anastomosis, where turbulent flow and intimal hyperplasia are most significant and where frequent occlusions occur, aiming to:

Control geometrical configuration

Control flow patterns

All of which:

Decrease damaging turbulent flow near the anastomotic region

Reduce wall tension on the vein

Increase wall shear stress

All of which:

Reduce intimal hyperplasia


An external support device may decrease the fistula's early maturation failure rate

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