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AV fistula construction with VasQ™ – A Pilot Study

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Differences Between AV Graft & Fistula: Advantages & Disadvantages

When kidney function is compromised there is a need for dialysis treatments in order to filter the toxins from the blood. Dialysis requires access to the blood stream, gained by placing 2 needles in the vein – one drawing blood to the dialysis machine, and the other returning the filtered blood to the blood stream. […]


How to take care of AV fistula after surgery

AV fistula utilizes the patient’s own blood vessels and is considered to be the safest type of access. While the AVF is less prone to infection than other access methods, the AV fistula requires basic care, in order to allow for optimal health and optimal usage. Proper AV fistula care, through exercising, proper hygiene and […]


Which type of AV fistula is best for dialysis patients?

Once kidney function goes below 10-15% of normal function, the blood fills with toxins and fluids, endangering the life of the patient. In order to sustain life, dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant become crucial. The dialysis treatment replaces the kidney’s function by cleaning the blood from toxins and draining excess fluids from the body.

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